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Studying Abroad FAQs: Your Ultimate Guide to International Education

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In order to embark on your study abroad journey, fulfilling various entry prerequisites is crucial. Eligibility requirements, including proficiency in the English language, vary based on your desired level of education. Some courses might require you to complete a foundation course before applying for a degree. Every institution has distinct entry criteria, so careful understanding of course details on their websites is necessary.

Your dedicated WISDOM EDUCATION counselor assesses your eligibility, offering guidance on suitable programs and locations tailored to your preferences.

The finances required to study abroad varies according to each country and the level of education you desire. Our counselors provide comprehensive guidance on cost estimates based on locations like Canada, Australia, the UK, and the USA.

When thinking about studying abroad, think of the following:

  1.  identify your interests, career aspirations, and research opportunities like internships. 
  2. Look through campus locations, university rankings, duration of stay, overall expenses, and the host country’s economic and social stability. 
  3. Skim through their courses, modules and curriculums to understand what piques your interest and curiosity and what would be a good fit for you
  4. Consider what kind of a place you would like to stay at: a metropolitan city, the countryside, a quiet, small town, near the beach or the mountains, in colder or warmer weather. All of these factors will determine what would be the best destination and best university for you.
  5. If you are considering getting a job and settling down in a foreign country, have a close look at their migration policies and visa criteria.

Your WISDOM EDUCATION counselor will help you in navigating these considerations, making sure that they align them with your preferences.

Undoubtedly, your career prospects reach new heights and find new potential with overseas exposure. An international education and exposure to a multinational environment enhances skills, broadens perspectives, and boosts English language proficiency. Employers value the diverse skill sets that international students possess, as confirmed by many student alumni of Wisdom Education.

We recommend beginning your research into study abroad as early as possible. Typically, you should start your application process a year before your intended intake. Timelines vary across countries and institutions; therefore, early planning ensures ample preparation and smoother transitions.

Yes, you can! There are various types of scholarships and bursaries available at most universities to help students fund their studies. The amount of scholarship provided and availability depends on which university and level of education you are applying to. It should be noted that most scholarships are competitively awarded, so you would need good academic records and work experience (in case of postgraduate scholarships) to achieve your desired scholarship. Governments and organizations also extend financial aid. Most universities also provide merit-based and need-based scholarships which depend solely on your academic excellence and your financial/ circumstantial condition.

Each scholarship criteria varies and your Wisdom Education counselor will provide full support getting you the best scholarship opportunities.

Depending on your student visa and the study-work policies of each country, you may have the opportunity to work. This can boost your working experience, while also helping you with your finances and providing networking and socializing opportunities. Degree-level courses often allow part-time work. Universities typically offer on-campus jobs and career services, aiding students in their skill development.

We recommend starting as early as possible with your research about study abroad and to start your application process at least one year in advance. This will give you ample time to apply, receive an offer letter and get a visa on time.

Bear in mind that the academic year begins at different times of year in different countries. Semester dates tend to run as follows:


Semester 1: Starts late February/early March to late May/early June
Semester 2: Starts late July/early August through to November.

New Zealand

Semester 1: From February to June
Semester 2: From July to November


Term 1: From September to December
Term 2: From January to April
Term 3: from April to June


Fall Term: From August to December
Spring Term: From January to April
Summer Term: From May to August


Fall Intake: Primary intake starts in August/September
Spring Intake: Smaller intake in January/February
Summer Intake: Limited programs intake in May/Jun

Note: The above dates are a guide only. You should always check exact dates with the university or college you are applying to.

It is possible to apply to a university all by yourself. However, you can use the expertise of an experienced education agent (called a student counselor) to make the process much easier and hassle-free.

The overwhelming options of study abroad can easily become a headache. Understanding all aspects of study abroad, such as courses, university rankings, visa, accommodation, documents needed for each step, English proficiency tests, and deadlines can easily become a daunting project.

Our expert student counselors at Wisdom Education can help streamline the process and have a wealth of information as many have studied abroad just like you want to. It is also our daily job so we have a seasoned expertise in international education and are always up to date with any recent news.

It is completely natural for parents to feel nervous and worried about sending their children far away to a foreign place with unknown customs and an unknown society. While millions of students have studied abroad and successfully thrived in a new country, it is still a concern for many parents around the world to make such a major and risky life decision for their children.

We invite you to bring your parents to the appointment so that our experienced counselors can answer all their questions and alleviate their concerns. Involving your parents in discussions with WISDOM EDUCATION reassures them of professional guidance. With the expertise and responsible approach of Wisdom Education, your parents will feel confident about letting you study abroad as they observe our professional guidance and dedicated support throughout the application process as well as the full journey of studying abroad.

Our services are absolutely free of charge for students. You do not have to pay anything to book an appointment with WISDOM EDUCATION. However, there may be some small fees for courier services or document verification. For more information, call up your nearest WISDOM EDUCATION office or complete our enquiry form.

WISDOM EDUCATION, a leader in international education for 10 years across several countries, facilitates students’ aspirations for studying abroad in English-speaking countries. Our experienced counselors elevate your study plan into a platform for professional success and personal growth.

Our support for your study abroad journey extends beyond application and visa support. Our services consist of essential living abroad information—health insurance, accommodation, banking, transportation guide and SIM card setup. We also provide pre-departure orientations and welcome activities to ease your transition to your new host country.

Partnering with over 200 esteemed universities and institutions worldwide, WISDOM EDUCATION maintains top-notch and high quality standards. Our partnerships are based on academic reviews, institutional reputation, student experiences, as well as our own experience working with them over the years. We always ensure that we support you with the best in the education industry so that you have the best experience of studying abroad.

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